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Milton Keynes - Public Licensing Register

As the licensing authority for the Licensing Act 2003, we are required to maintain a register of all applications received, and licenses issued, under the Licensing Act 2003, relating to Alcohol and other activities such as entertainment and late night food traders.

You can now search and view our on-line register of applications made and licences issued under the Licensing Act 2003, for Premises Licenses, Personal Licenses and Temporary Event Notices (TENs). If you live or work in the vicinity of premises making new applications, or applications to vary the licence or that are subject to a licence review you are able to make a representation within 28 days of the application date. A representation is a way of objecting to (or supporting) a particular application. Details of the closing date for representations are shown for each application. Bear in mind that only the police are able to make representations about TENs and personal licences. NB Many TENs are given for private events with no public admittance

This register shows current information only. Where a premises licence has been changed as a result of a variation then only the current changed licence will be available to view not the licence originally granted. The date of application shows the date of the original application, the date granted shows the date the licence was last altered. TENS – are shown for events that have happened in the last 2 months and for events which are to occur in the future.

The following application information is not shown - Minor variations, change of DPS, transfers, interim authority, notification of interest, paper and past licences. A paper licensing register containing all this information is available to view by visiting the licensing department at the Civic Offices during normal working hours. These on line registers are updated regularly

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